I am not ashamed to admit that...

I am a romantic.  


I enjoy opening the door for my wife and showing her all the other courtesies that a lady should experience.


It's not a waste of money to buy her flowers or get her a card, just because.


I enjoy watching the "Chick Flicks" with my wife, probably more that she does. Some of my favorites in no particular order:

"Bridges of Madison County", "Steel Magnolias" (funny scene: "Thanks Weezer, nothing like a good piece of a@@.") and "Sweet Home Alabama".  I could go on but those are a pretty good start. 

If you are a guy reading this and worried about loosing your Man Card for watching a chick flick with your wife, trust me... It's not going to happen.  Your wife will be so happy she will have your Man Card gold plated.

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