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"The human spirit must prevail over technology."

                                                     - Albert Einstein

"Take care of your memories.  For you cannot relive them."

                                                                       -Bob Dylan 

This is me...

My name is Keith. I am one of the hardest working photographers in Chicago. For over ten years, I have had the joy of creating portraits for busy, professional families in the Chicagoland area. I will treat your family with the same care and respect as mine.  Click any button below to get a small peek into my being.

Digital Files

Do you remember the 5 inch floppy drives? They were replaced by the 3 1/4 inch floppy drives. Then came the Compact Disc, followed by the DVD, followed by the Blu-ray. Now we have CF cards, SD Cards, Micro SD cards, USB thumb drives, USB 3 thumb drives.  What will be next?  Heck, my latest laptop doesn't even have a disc/dvd drive.  How about forty-fives, or LP albums?  What about eight-track tapes, cassette tapes, Beta tapes, VHS and on and on? The sales of Blu-ray movies are dropping every year.  People can now watch a movie through Netflix or some other streaming service. Technology constantly evolves.  Larger, faster and cheaper is always around the corner. Here is a harsh reality of modern times; this generation is the most photographed generation ever, but it has the least amount of printed photographs.

The expressions that I have seen when clients open the wrapped portraits I deliver are priceless, from sheer awe to tears. I create Portraits that adorn your home and capture a moment of time than can be passed on to the next generation.

Digital files risk becoming useless if transferred onto a digital medium that becomes obsolete in ten years. However, I must keep in mind and I understand we live in a digital world. I have been asked by several clients for digital files that can be posted on social media.  So the short answer to the common question is yes; digital files are available.  Not only are they available, they are included in most of the packages offered by Lakehouse Photography. This is discussed during the consultation.


Proofs can be viewed here.

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